How to Boost Social Media Engagement with Visuals?

Remember how many times you check into your social media profiles today? Now, just close your eyes and try to retrieve those updates which you have gone through. Can you remember them? Certainly you wouldn’t remember them all. Still, there comes certain contents that captured your attention. Can you see what makes you perceive them? Yes, the visuals linked to the content made you go through it and remember them.

A picture worth a thousand words...

Visual have a greater impact on us.  Our brain processes visuals much faster than text.

That’s how visuals become the inevitable part of social media promotion. It has been revealed that content with visuals are likely to get 94% extra views than one without visual content. 

The success lies in harnessing the power of visuals through effective marketing tactics.

Here are certain things you have to keep in mind while coming up with the content.

#1 Think in terms of visuals from day one

Make it a habit to think visually. Create your social media strategy while imagining how you are going to execute it with visuals. When you create the content, there are two approaches to link it with visuals. Either you can go for direct written content and indirect images or indirect content and direct visuals. Both prove to capture attention. The only thing is that you have to keep that balance between the written part and visual part.

#2 Go for the relevant image

Adding image always attracts viewers go through your content and increase the engagement. But remember, don’t put one for the sake of adding visuals. Go for the apt one that complements your content. And when you choose the picture that are relevant to your audience. Make sure that the visual always goes well with your brand identity. 

#3 Keep an eye on network preferences

With each social media platform, images appear in a slightly different way. Make sure that you give prominence to the channel preferences and optimize the images as per them to yield the best results.You have to be aware of the size preference too. Pay attention to the specific size requirement of the platform you are going to put it. 

#4 Uniqueness

Originality adds to the brand image. Create your own graphics or visuals that complement the content. Create something unique and shareable too.

You have to be keen on embracing the changing trends in each platform. Text on photo style graphics are gaining popularity on Pinterest and Instagram, in particular. It’s sure to capture the attention and create a connection, leading them to click through to your text.

#5 Keep it Branded

The powerful and engaging visual always get noticed and shared and will help you expand your reach. But the thing is that while sharing, on most social networks, one can edit the caption and make it their own – and people most often do so!

Certainly, we don’t want to lose out on the opportunity to market our brands and businesses when that content reaches new audiences. So remember to brand your photos by adding a watermark of your logo. 

Hope these tips will help you deal with visuals far more effectively.

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