ImpressAds Marketing Solutions Private Limited is a techno-advertising company headquartered in Kochi, Kerala, India.

⛳ Vision

Being the most reputed techno-advertising company, we are passionate to associate with clients, investors, employees and the society in a sustainable growth oriented win-win environment.

⛳Value Proposition

Since inception, lmpress Ads is adhering to the following value propositions 

☸Empathetic ☸Creative ☸Techno savvy ☸Sporty ☸Ethical

We listen and understand the needs of our clients and propose creative solutions by using smart technology for optimal results in a game playing environment with a sporty team.

⌛ A Brief History

⏰ On 23-December-2010, the brand ImpressAds came into existence. The founder registered the domain www.impressads.com and started as a sole proprietary business

⏰  On 23-September-2011, Samstha Services Private Limited was incorporated. The businesses under the name Impress Ads was taken over by the new company formed. Samstha Services Private Limited acquired the trademark license for the Impress Ads brand also.

⏰  On 16-October-2018, ImpressAds Marketing Solutions Private Limited was incorporated as a subsidiary company of Samstha Services Private Limited. The techno-advertising business  handled by Samstha has been moved to the new company formed. The new company is using the brand owned by the parent company under a brand licensing agreement. At present, Impress Ads is having three offices in Kerala. 

☆ Achievements

The following are a list of achievements makes us more humble and responsible

☼ Google Partner badge ☼ Facebook Agency ☼ Google Street View Trusted Photographer badge 

☼ Google Maps verifier badge ☼ A number of clients who are keeping their relationship 

☼ Noted creatives, campaigns and contests

⚓ Core Services

lmpress Ads is providing techno-advertising services in the following areas to support our clients.

⚐ Branding ⚐ Advertising ⚐ Digital Marketing ⚐ Web/Mobile Development ⚐ IT Services 

⚐ Marketing automation ⚐ Market Research ⚐ Strategic Formulations ⚐ Business Solution Consulting

In a nutshell, lmpress Ads is using marketing and technical skills to enhance the clients' business. 

The following are the most specific list of activities: 

🎯 Internet marketing strategy development 🎯 Social Media Management 🎯 Social Media Marketing 🎯 Search Engine Marketing 🎯 Search Engine Optimisation 🎯 Display Ad Campaigns 🎯 YouTube Campaigns 🎯 Mobile Advertising 🎯Creative content development 🎯 Content Marketing 🎯 Website development 🎯 Online shopping site development 🎯 Mobile app development 🎯 Online Contest execution 

⚽ Team

lmpress Ads is a techno-advertising agency having domain experience since 2010. The in-house team of lmpress Ads consists of

♙Creative Experts

♙Technology Experts

♙Marketing & Advertising Experts

Impess Ads is following a cloud based process and system to ensure the timely delivery of high quality results.

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