3 Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

Wondering why you go for Search Engine Marketing? Be it small scale or large scale business, Search Engine Marketing(SEM) is one of the most cost effective solutions to reach to your target market. Unlike conventional media, SEM offers far more precise reach to the target group and ensures active participation.

What’s Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is a form of Internet marketing that involves buying traffic via paid search activities. This is certainly different from Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) which is dealing with earning traffic organically. For instance, google the word ‘Chocolate’. Have you noticed the ads appear just above the search results? Those are the paid ads by businesses to generate traffic.

Let’s see how it works. People who view these ads are actively searching for these keywords you specified. For example, if you are intending to advertise for your  fashion outlet in Kochi, you would most likely to go for the keywords like Boutiques in Kochi, fashion store Kochi, Designer Clothing etc. Now, if anyone searches any of those words and you’re paying enough on those keywords, your ads will appear on the search. The best part is that if you use Pay-Per-Click methodology, you are only paying for the user clicks on your ad. That means you are paying for the effective leads not wasting your resources unnecessarily.

Why Search Engine Marketing is Important?

74% of internet users perform local searches. And the fascinating fact is that, of this 74%, 82% of local searchers follow up offline via an in-store visit, phone call or purchase (TMP / comScore). In 2012, Google processed over 1.2 trillion search queries. That is an average of 100 billion searches a month! Google represents 65.2% of search engines during this period. In other words, search engines are being used by millions of customers to find out about your company’s products or services.

#1 Cost Effective Means to Reach Prospective Customer

Compared to conventional marketing methods, SEM is highly cost effective. PPC helps you to direct your message to the apt audience at the right moment. And you can optimise your measures based on the insights to reduce the cost per acquisition.

#2 Flexibility & Measurability

Perhaps the most important advantages of SEM are its facility of being successfully measured and evaluated. SEM being a marketing form which is extremely flexible offers the facility to easily evaluate the impact of an ad campaign on its target audience and the marketing focus can be changed according to the received responses. 

#3 Geo- targeting and Ad- scheduling

Two of the most exciting aspects of Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Marketing are the Geo-targeting and Ad-scheduling. Unlike conventional media, these two features offers a great advantage that it allows us to target the right audience at right time. Geo-targeting helps marketers to target their advertisements to only specific locations of the world where their services are available. While Ad-scheduling refers to the process by which the specific time, date and frequency of an advertisement is decided.

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